Match Gimmick - DEALERS ONLY

Match Gimmick - DEALERS ONLY

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Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry has created the best match gimmick in the world!  As seen on international TV and stages from Broadway to Berlin, Hollywood to Hong Kong Sydney to Chicago, London to Las Vegas and Noooooooorth Carolina!

  • Exclusive “blanket pressure” design keeps both paper and wooden matches held secure while applying consistent pressure along the locked in body of the match for an inferno - eruption!

  • Easy load configuration allows the match to be loaded in moments and can be done one-handed even in the dark!

  • Each package contains one MFMG device, access card with password and link to online video instructions and one extra custom fit match striking strip.  (Refill packs available)





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Dealer Price: $7.50 - NO Minimum!