Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only
Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only
Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only
Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only
Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only
Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only

Tossed Out Tarot (Tossed Out Deck) - Magician's Only

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The TOSSED OUT TAROT is Dan Sperry’s original twist on the presentation of the “Tossed Out Deck” and takes it to the next level that isn’t just another mindreading card trick.  This is a complete and professional multi-phase/revelation routine that adds over 5 minutes of interactive mentalism that can be easily adapted to any style as well as nearly any environment: comedy or serious – parlour, stage, corporate, TV – this packs small, plays big and builds to HUGE reactions!

This is the presentation of the Tossed Out Deck that makes SENSE! The Tossed Out Tarot pack comes with EVERYTHING you need to rehearse tonight and put in you show tomorrow!

"This version of TOD is hands down amazing!
The concept is outstanding and  lends itself to incredible possibilities that can't be done with a regular deck of cards!
It's in my show already!"
- Andy Amyx -
Creator of Burning Connection, Doves 101 and more

Basic Effect:

The general presentation begins by handing out a sealed envelope and asking the audience to imagine a random image.  Next a banded and bagged deck of tarot cards is randomly tossed to a spectator in the audience.  They remove the pack of tarot cards and simply look at one and remember it.  This is repeated two more times so there are 3 random people standing among the audience.  You then are able to reveal each audience member’s thought of tarot card which they confirm by sitting down.  This is taken a step further by showing you predicted this the entire time by writing it on a piece of paper that was sealed in the envelope that was handed out in the beginning.  Finally as an extra punch it is revealed that the entire audience has been connected by thinking of the same shape as it is seen to be revealed in the design of the prediction itself!

You Get:

  • High quality full-color special printed “Tossed Out Tarot” deck of cards with original artwork
  • Custom printed prediction revelation
  • Prediction envelope
  • Extra rubber bands
  • Protective carry-bag (also recommended to be used in performance)
  • Access to video instructions with live performance, step-by-step explanation of handling as well as theory breakdown of presentation

"I love Dan Sperry's Tossed Out Tarot, it's great having a trick I can add to my show that's not just another card trick. The cards are so easy to read with a nice bold print. I have so many ideas for this deck, if you are not currently doing a toss out deck check this one out!"
- Erick Olson -
Creator of Olson's Closer, Pick Your Poison,




The effect begins when the magician hands out a sealed envelope – stating we will get back to its contents later – and requesting the entire audience clear their minds for this next experiment and to all think of a random type image.  A deck of tarot cards is introduced and a brief description and history of them is given leading into the magician requiring the assistance of 3 audience members to “choose a card” – but not in your typical card trick style...  They will be picked at random, not by the magician, the audience will pick each other and the cards will not be chosen by the spectators…the cards choose you.  With a rubber band wrapped around the pack of tarot cards they are placed inside a small white cotton bag and with the magician’s back turned, tossed into the audience finding their first random spectator. 

The first spectator to catch the bag of cards stands up, removes them, simply peeks at any one tarot card, replaces them to the bag and tosses them in any direction to the next spectator who repeats the same process so in the end there are 3 spectators standing that are thinking of a tarot card they peeked at along with an entire audience thinking of their shape. 

One at a time the magician reveals the 3 thought of tarot cards, having each spectator sit down proving the magician’s psychic inclinations to be correct and building in reactions with each confirmed revelation.  With the energy at a fever pitch, after all 3 tarot cards have been revealed by the magician, it is taken a step further by showing it had all been prophesized in the prediction inside the sealed enveloped that was referenced at the beginning; before the tarot cards were even introduced and guarded by an audience member.  Not only that - the geometric shape is revealed to be connecting not just all three revelations in the prediction but to also be the same geometric shape being thought of by everyone in the audience simultaneously building to an undeniable reactionary climax.

To your audience, no matter how the routine is presented, the Tossed Out Tarot delivers an unexplainable display of mentalism that teeters on the brink of true psychic phenomena. 

Pass the plate.

"I don't often get excited by new products on the market, but this time around it has changed! Dan Sperry's Tossed out Tarot deck is a new fresh take on a classic of magic. The tossed out deck is beautiful, elegant and dark to look at. This routine will be a showcase in your act and guarantee to spook your audiences."
- Luis Carreon -
Chicago Magic Lounge Headliner, Head of the Table: Chicago Magic Roundtable